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There are a number of places located around Mirissa for having thrilling surfing experience. Midigama, Weligama, Kabalana, Madiha, Maddawatta are some of the major surfing points where can gain superb experience. Surf Point at near Mirissa Harbour is the great point to build confidence over the reef and the tried comes up with 6ft and this point is ideal for beginners or intermediate surfers to gain more experience. Midigama became one of greatest and superb surfing point. Many surfers coming to enjoy the Midigama Surf Point. Not even that Weligama another close destination to Mirissa that is a great place for beginners as well as intermediate.



Mirissa is a great place for snorkeling because many places found in here are on crystal clear water. Shallow water makes it the best option to peep underwater. Nevertheless many reef fish available in this amazing place. Many people enjoy the underwater and have tremendous feeling by seeing amazing creatures underwater. Thalaraba and Kamburugamuwa very near places with vast spread snorkeling areas with high quality. Snorkeling in Mirissa is always a memorable experience. There are certain places which offer great and high quality services for you. Enjoy the underwater world and see it with a different eye.

night life

Night Life

Mirissa is a hubspot for having a great entertaining life at Night. There are several places to enjoy the night.. Night Parties, Beach Parties, Night Clubs and many entertaining activities arrange in various places. Everything has been arranged for tourist friendly and paved the way to enjoy the nightlife. Not even that there are certain night restaurants available to indulge into many delicious dishes. Thai, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Italy or Indian can be listed as few cuisines available here. There are many entertainment activities organized on the beach which can be attended group basis or individually.

whale watching

Whale watching

Mirissa became one of top tourist attraction destination with high demand for whale watching. A lot of tourists attend to watch whales near Dondra Point. Early in the morning leave from Mirissa fishery harbour and there are separate boats specially designed for whale watching. Every necessary facility available on the boat. Blue whales can be a sight most of the times. Dolphin is also common animal can be seen in here usually 9-15 nautical miles travelled. Refreshment provides by the service providers and whale tour operators arrange the tour with pre-identified whale’s positions. All the safety procedures are followed while on a journey and Sri Lanka coast guards fully supervise the whole process. All equipment and boats are fully insured and high skilled people are employed as staff.

safari ride

Wildlife Safari

Sri Lanka enriched with many natural resources and high density of biodiversity and wildlife. There are many national parks as well as marine national parks have been declared by the Sri Lankan Government. Yala, Udawalawe, Bundala, Minnenriya, Kumana, Willpattu are some of the major places. There are endemic as well as immigrant birds found on the wildlife safari. Vast Spread animals make the tremendous experience for the visitors. Morning and the evening are the best times to visit the jungle to sight the animals. Also camping on forests will add more adventurous blended amazing experience for you.

water skiing

Water Skiing

Mirissa is an ideal location to have many water sports activities such like Water Skiing. Many tourists attend this adventure infused thrilling experience. There are a number of places where you can gain high end and professional service for your requirement with proper guidance. Any person irrespective age can gain this thrilling experience and tropical water bed of Mirissa is an ideal platform for a water skiing experience. All equipments are made according to the international standards and follow all safety procedures during the journey. This experience will be memorable. There is enough space to have great water skiing in Mirissa. Necessary training will be provided by the tour operators and that will ensure the safety of the water sports.